Gwylym’s Blog about Middle East Investing

Who am I?

My Name is Gwylym Pryce-Owen. I am from the United Kingdom, currently residing in Egypt. I’m 41 Years of age. I decided it was time for an adventure and booked a plane ticket to Egypt and applied for residency here. I share an apartment with my Business partner from Norway. We’re involved in several businesses around the world and I spend some of my time building these business. I’m in the Middle East seeking investments and enjoying the sunny weather.

What do I do?

I have built and owned several businesses in the United Kingdom over the past twenty years and still own businesses in the UK. I am involved in trading in various markets, but my favorite things to trade are Digital Crypto Assets. I have been involved with several crypto projects as co-founder and learned an inordinate amount about how these particular markets functions.

We’ll examine which parts of the Middle East allow Crypto usage or don’t and which countries in the Middle East have plans to eventually adopt Cryptocurrencies. We’ll also examine a wide array of other investment opportunities in the Middle East. I’ll touch on issues in these developing economies, such as current affairs, and politics when I think it is useful to do so.

What is the Middle East Investing blog for?

This blog is to document my journey into the Middle East and provide insight for my followers about conducting business or investing in Egypt and the Middle East. We’ll examine different ways you can invest here, the pros and cons of investing here, and I’ll also try to let you know what investment opportunities are available to you.

Thanks For Stopping By My Blog

Thanks for visiting my blog and welcome! I hope you find this blog interesting and that it may become a useful resource for you. If you like what I write here and want me to guest post regarding investments or current affairs in the Middle East, please let me know and I’ll take a look at individual requests. If you would like a writer for your own blog that can provide quality content that is original and optimized for search engines, just drop me a line and we’ll discuss terms.

I have provided a comments section on each blog post, I welcome your comments, and will reply to each of them personally.

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